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signature eminence facial
Our nurturing facial is designed to detoxify and replenish
your skin's natural radiance. It includes expert skin analysis,
deep pore cleansing, and an intense hydrating mask which
is applied to soothe and energize.

customized eminence facial starting at
Let our specialist customize a completely unique facial,
tailored to your needs and concerns, using nutrient rich

anti-aging facial 
This antioxidant treatment is ideal for those skin types that
have elastin loss and dehydration.  Reduce fine lines, stimulate
collagen production, and renew skin firmness.

calm skin facial
Beneficial for sensitive skin, this facial calms your complexion
and removes impurities. It works to hydrate and revitalize
your skin naturally.

bright skin facial
Evens out skin tone and reduces signs on sun damage. Cleanses
and refines your skin for a bright even complexion. The active
botanicals deeply target uneven pigmentation while nourishing
the skin. Helps lighten hyper pigmentation and dark spots,
while protecting skin from future sun exposure.

clear skin facial
Cleanse and clarifies the skin, revealing a polished, smooth
complexion. This facial nourishes your skin with nutrient
rich ingredients, while detoxifying and clearing your skin.

back cleansing facial

Designed for deep pore cleansing and extractions. This upper body "facial" produces

relaxation of your back, neck and shoulders.


refresh facial  
An express 30 minute facial for those on the go, leaving your skin
healthy and radiant in half the time.

Brow $20

Upper Lip $18

Chin  $12

Ear  $12

Nose  $12

Full Face  $50

Half Leg  $50  

Full Leg  $75

Half Arm  $40

Full Arm  $50

Underarm  $45

Bikini  $50

Women's Brazilian  $65

Back  $75

Chest  $75

add ons
extractions $15
Pimple and pore removal.

eminence eye exfoliation treatment $20
Helps with under eye bags and wrinkles, with glowing

eminence lip exfoliation treatment $20
Plump and soften lips.
pumpkin & yam peel $30
Reduce pigmentation, fine lines and sun damage.
arctic berry enzyme peel  $30
Target aging and hyper pigmentation.
blueberry detox firming peel  $30
Remove dead skin cells, cleanse pores and tone skin.
mangosteen peel  $30
Complete surface and pore refining treatment.
about eminence
organic beauty
Eminence Organic Skin Care of Hungary is a world-famous organic skin care line featured in 5-star hotel spas. These products are unique because they contain, 96% active ingredients, which is vastly different from most lines which are 6% to 9% active ingredients and mostly water. We carry only the purest skin and body care products, free of parabens (and other chemical preservatives) and synthetic fragrances. Experience for yourself the difference that these fresh fruits and herbs will make in your skin.
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