Milk and Honey Scrub


Slip away with our newest signature spa treatment. Your experience begins with an energizing body polish followed with a warm honey glaze and soothing milk bath creating a vibrant glow and sense of euphoria.

Body Polish


Revitalizing treatment by thorough exfoliation using sugar or Dead Sea salts mixed with essential oils.  As the finishing touch, a calming body moisturizer is applied leaving your

skin feeling like satin.


Back Cleansing Treatment*


Designed for deep pore cleansing and extractions. This upper body "facial" produces

relaxation of your back, neck and shoulders.


Ear Candling


Intended to relieve pressure and inner blockage due to toxins and wax build up.


Remineralizing Body Wrap


This clinical treatment is designed to promote water weight loss, improve cellular regeneration.


 * The following body treatments are not recommended for claustrophobic individuals or those who are sensitive to heat.

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